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Don’t Forget These Things When Looking For An Auto Mechanic in Houston

Keep These 4 Things In Mind Before Hiring A Car Mechanic In Houston

The auto repair industry has a well-earned reputation for ripping people off, which causes most car owners to dread seeking their service when a car repair is necessary. Mobile Mechanic Houston wants to be the best Houston auto repair service in town, so we go out of our way to avoid being associated with such practices. To avoid getting ripped off by sleazy car mechanics, keep the 4 points below in mind.

Best Mobile Mechanic Houston | Houston Mobile Auto MechanicWatch The Mark Up

One way car repair shops like to pad their bottom line is by marking up the cost of their parts by ridiculous amounts. Thanks to the internet, it’s easier today than ever before to compare the cost they are quoting you to the cost typically charged at other places. Even better, avoid the hassle and concern and choose one of our Houston repair shops. Our car parts are never marked up, and because of our access to multiple vendors, we typically get the best price around. Further, since we have nothing to hide, our invoice containing the price we paid for your part is available to you at your request.

Part Warranty

If you’ve ever had a new car part fail a mere few months after the repair job has been completed, you know how frustrating that can be. This is why it is important to make sure any parts used in your repair job are under warranty, otherwise, you will be responsible for covering the cost to replace the failed part again. Any shop that wants to be the best Houston auto repair service will use warrantied parts whenever possible, just like we do at Mobile Mechanic Houston.

Be Informed

Never assume the mechanic is telling you the truth, otherwise, you could be getting ripped off. A reputable and reliable mechanic will take the time to explain what the problem is and what is necessary to fix it. That’s how we do things at Mobile Mechanic Houston. Our professional mechanics will explain to you in thorough detail what the problem is and exactly what needs to be done to solve it. We understand not everyone is loaded with cash, so we want to put customers’ minds at ease by knowing they are only being charged for services that are necessary.

Comparison Shop

When you need your car repaired, you may be tempted to go to the first auto mechanic you find. To get the best prices, it’s better to call multiple repair shops to see what they charge for the repair you need before committing to any one mechanic. Free quotes are available anytime at Mobile Mechanic Houston, and our reputable reputation speaks for itself. We believe we can compete with any other car repair service in the Houston area, and we have many satisfied customers who agree with us.

If you need an best Houston auto repair with no fear of getting ripped off, Mobile Mechanic in Houston is the one to contant or call. Our prices are second to none and our service can’t be beaten, so set up an appointment today for your car repair needs.

A Guide To Finding The Right Mobile Mechanic For You

Finding Legitimate Mobile Mechanics In Houston

Best Mobile Mechanic Houston | Mobile Auto Repair in Houston TexasHiring mobile mechanic services in Houston can be quite useful. When you do so, you’ll be able to sit back, relax, and comfortably watch some television at home while your vehicle gets the attention it requires. Even if you have a busy, hectic schedule, it’ll allow you to get to the stuff you need to do without needing to add another worry on top of it all.

Another benefit of hiring these services is the fact that, in the long run, it’s likely to save you some money. After all, this allows you to buy your own vehicle parts, eliminating the need for big, ridiculous parts increase that a lot of repairers tend to charge. A lot of Houston mechanics are small business owners, so they’ll be able to save you cash, too. Unlike chain companies and car dealerships, mobile auto repair services tend to have less overhead and be able to pass these savings to you as a consumer.

The largest concern regarding mobile automobile repair work services is usually discovering a reputable, legitimate company that has the experience you’re looking for. While it can be quite hard to protect yourself from potentially fraudulent services, by following these simple tricks you’ll make the task of finding the best mobile mechanic in Houston a much easier one.

First, ask your mechanic about their experience. If you’re talking to a competent professional, they’ll quickly be able to offer referrals as well and let you know for how long they’ve been in the market. Keep in mind that the quantity of years isn’t always a good indicator of their skills, so make sure to ask about earlier workplaces and references.

Along with all other physical mechanic service providers, mobile vehicle repair professionals need to be licensed through the department of automobiles of your state. In a lot of states, you can find legitimate repair services on the Department of Motor Cars site. Service locations must also post their license in a location where customers can clearly see it – so you can simply look around for a license hanging somewhere in the shop.

Mobile mechanics are required to fill out and prepare a signed invoice before the service starts. The billing offers them authorization to deal with the lorry and ensure payments along with guaranteeing you’ll receive the assured services.

Genuine mechanics will not request payment before completing service. Do not ever offer to pay up front, since the billing ensures your service. If a mechanic demands prepayment, it is likely not a genuine company.

By following the simple techniques above, you’ll be able to get a genuine mobile car repair service with much more ease – and you’re bound to find them much faster and less expensive.

Call or contact Mobile Mechanic Houston to speak with one of our qualified auto mechanics today!

Mobile Mechanic Houston Helping You To Be The Coolest Person In The Parking Lot

Air Conditioner Maintenance- How To Keep Your Vehicle Cool During The Summer

It is practically unthinkable (and could even be dangerous) to drive your car during the summer without it being cool. That is why it is very important to have maintenance performed on your air conditioner by the best auto repair in Houston. We understand that following a harsh, long winter, that you aren’t thinking about the summer heat. However, it is a great time to think about the functionality of your vehicle’s air conditioning system right now.

We live in a very hectic world these days, so a majority of car owners don’t think about their AC systems until it stops working correctly. Even basic maintenance procedures like replacing and cleaning the filters frequently are not done. The short-term effects of this neglect may be poor performance. However, the long-term effects might be significantly reducing the life of an air conditioning unit.

Best Mobile Mechanic Houston | Mobile Auto Maintenance in Houston TexasAn air conditioner is a complex piece of equipment that has been designed to be able to withstand all types of abuse and continue to run. In many ways that is good, however, it can lead to us being complacent about maintenance. We have mobile mechanics here in Houston who can perform maintenance on all of your air conditioning equipment.  From heavy duty trucks to, suvs, even a Houston Limo service.  We have you covered with all of your mechanic needs.

Within one year of poor maintenance, an air conditioner may lose as much as 5% of the system’s original productivity. Fortunately, most of this efficiency loss can be recovered through regular maintenance. According to studies, tuning a unit regularly will help to maintain as much as 95% of the system’s original efficiency. Our Arlington, TX auto repair handles all of the maintenance and tune-ups needed for your car air conditioner. An AC that is maintained properly will also be able to dehumidify your car even better. Visit our Top 10 DIY Vehicle Fixes here!

Why Car Air Conditioner Maintenance Is So Important

Reduces Your Expenses

Air conditioning maintenance is synonymous with savings, given that auto repair costs in Richardson can be five to six times the cost of normal gas consumption.

Avoid Health Problems

Problems that arise from your air conditioning functioning improperly can affect your health as well. Some of the major potential problems include pharyngitis, rhinitis, and bronchitis since being exposed to the air that circulates in your vehicle is done via the filters. If the filters aren’t clean, they can house bacteria and fungi that might significantly impact your respiratory tract.

Eliminate Bad Sounds and Smells

A change in season can result in bad smells being emitted from the air condition if it hasn’t been maintained properly. The equipment also might start to emit bad sounds if it hasn’t been maintained correctly.

It is also recommended that one month prior to the start of every season (or before the beginning or winter and before the beginning of summer) that your air conditioner should receive maintenance. It is critical to have your air conditioning equipment maintained for the health of individuals, as well as to avoid extra energy consumption expenses which will save you money over the long-term. This can be done at a very affordable price, and it is always better to safe than to be sorry. Maintenance should be done by trained professionals who are licensed to conduct maintenance services properly.

So don’t wait any longer. Give Mobile Mechanic Houston a call or contact us today so you can start saving money right away.

What To Keep In Mind Before You Hit The Road

Six Tips For Keeping Your Car Maintained This Summer

You and your entire family are finally ready to take off on that summer road trip that you have been planning for many months. It really is the all-American dream. However, before going on the road trip, you need to ensure that your car is in top condition.

Fortunately, the Houston car repair service Mobile Mechanics Houston has six summer car maintenance tips that they would like to share with you so you can ensure that your car is good repair and ready for your road trip.

Your car is not only an investment, but it is an essential means of transportation for your entire family. So make sure you don’t neglect to maintain your car and getting yourself in a bad situation while you are on your summer road trip. You really can’t afford to ruin either your car or your trip. So make sure you get things taken care of and have lots of fun this summer.

So with that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the six top summer car maintenance tips that can help to ensure safe travels for your entire family:

Six Top Tips For Summer Car Maintenance

1. Tire Air Pressure

You might be surprised to hear this, but more attention needs to be paid to your tires than any of the other parts on your vehicle. The tire pressure affects the stopping power, fuel usage, handling, and threading. It is important that your tires always have the right air pressure, which is indicated on the front side door panel on the driver’s side. Those specs will let you know what the required PSI is for the tires on your car.

Also be sure that the tire tread is at the right level. This check can be performed by placing a nickel into the thread groove of the tire. Have the head of the coin facing you and upside down. It is time to replace your tire if you can see the nickel’s head.

Also, make sure that the spare tire for your car is also in good shape.

2. Get an Oil Change

Getting oil changes on a regular basis is one of the more meticulous aspects to car ownership. You need to change the oil on a regular basis to provide the engine with the proper lubrication that it needs. We recommend that you consult your owner’s manual to see what kind of oil to use and when it should be changed.

Any car model that is from 2007 or earlier needs to have its oil changed every 5,000 miles or six months. Vehicle models that are 2008 or newer will usually need to have their oil changed every 7,500 miles or every six months.

3. Watch Your Windows Carefully

Checking your windows on a regular basis will help to avoid major damage from occurring. You can also spare yourself from having to stare at a bad spot on the windshield the entire drive. Imagine having to try to drive with a huge crack running across the whole windshield. It is definitely not good.

However, there is also another possible issue. You could potentially end up blocking your line of sight, which of course is very dangerous. Ultimately, if you spot any broken pieces, scratches or cracks on your windshield, get in touch with a local window repair expert to resolve the problem quickly.

4. Make Sure Your Brakes Are In Good Working Order

You definitely need to ensure that your brakes are in good shape at all times. Perform this check at all times. Each time that you drive, your brakes are subjected to friction and pressure. If you hear a loud screeching noise when you pump on your brakes, this is a sign that your brakes need to be replaced immediately.

However, don’t wait to take action until you hear that screeching sound. Just change the brakes as soon as you notice any small metal hairs on the bottom part of the brake pads. That is a sign that your brakes are getting ready to lose their grip like material

5. Clean Your Car’s Interior

Most car owners spend an enormous amount of time in their cars. When they have children this is even truer. That is why it is very important to take good care of the interior of your car so that it doesn’t get gross and dirty.

If you would like to keep your home away from home in excellent condition, then you will need to clean it on a regular basis. There are various car cleaning products that are available to use. You simply need to ensure to use the right cleaning product for your suede or leather interior.

6. Top Off All Of Your Car’s Fluids

Since you car doesn’t work without having fluids, it is critically important to have the fluids in your car filled to the right level. It is absolutely essential for any parts that fluid goes into. Check your car’s brake, windshield washer, transmission, power steering and coolant fluids on a regular basis. Check any other fluids found under your car’s hood as well.

Final Thoughts

Mobile Mechanic Houston | Auto Inspection Before TripAs you are getting ready to go on your trip, make sure you are as prepared as you possibly can be. Follow the above summer car maintenance tips in order to avoid having any minor mishaps. Another thing that we recommend is that you get an AAA membership before leaving just in case you do run into any problems.

If you need to have a tune up before your summer trip or just more information about any of the summer car maintenance tips, give Mobile Mechanics Houston a call. One of our Houston car repair mobile mechanics will be very happy to receive your call.

Why You Shouldn’t Be the Person Fixing Your Ride

The Top Reasons You Should Avoid Repairing Your Car Yourself

The cost of going to a mechanic can be astronomically high. In an attempt to save money, many people make the mistake of trying to fix their cars themselves. Typically, however, this winds up backfiring. In almost all cases, it is best to leave automotive repair to the professionals rather than trying to do it yourself. Here are some of the top reasons why:

1. There is a lot of danger involved in auto repair.

Some repair jobs are extremely easy. For instance, it doesn’t take a trained professional to change the blades on your windshield wipers or to put in a new headlight. Other repairs, however, are a lot more involved. In some cases, you may have to jack your vehicle up on a stand and work underneath it. In other cases, you may be dealing with the vehicle’s electrical system. These types of situations can be extremely dangerous. The car could wind up falling on you or you could accidentally injure yourself, or worse, cause a vehicle death. Anytime you are dealing with major repairs, the safest bet is to take your car to an auto repair shop that employs ASE certified technicians.

2. You may not have the necessary skills.

Mechanics undergo a lot of training before they begin working on cars professionally. Whether they worked as an apprentice in an automotive shop or attended school, they have a lot of in-depth knowledge about how cars work and how to repair them. The information that you can find on the Internet or in books simply can’t compare to the knowledge and experience that professional mechanics have. Nothing is worse than starting a job and realizing that you don’t know how to finish it. If you don’t know what you are doing, you could even wind up causing more damage. In almost every case, the best bet is to take your car to an official repair shop – especially if you aren’t 100% sure what you are doing.

3. You might do additional damage.

Even if you have the best of intentions when you set out to repair your car, you could wind up making things even worse than they were when you started. If you don’t have the right tools or if you don’t really know what you are doing, you could accidentally damage your vehicle further. Something as simple as replacing your brake pads could wind up turning into a major issue if you accidentally damage the brake lines in the process. These issues are a lot more difficult to deal with and will generally require professional repairs. If you aren’t careful, trying to save a few bucks on having brake pads professionally installed can wind up costing you a fortune.

The good news is, you can save money on professional repair services. One of the best ways to keep costs down is by comparing prices. It doesn’t take long to get on the phone and call a few different shops to find out how much the repairs will cost. You may be able to save a lot of money if you can find a shop that will do the work for a reasonable price. Finding the best auto repair Houston has to offer is all about comparing your options.

You may even want to look into hiring a mobile mechanic. These mechanics will come to your home and do the repairs, saving you the hassle of taking your car into the shop.

For any more questions regarding the extent of our services please feel free to contact us or call us today at 832-604-9493!

Things to Consider When Starting Your Mobile Auto Mechanic Business

The Mobile Auto Mechanic Business Model

Starting a mobile auto repair business is probably something you’ve considered. Maybe you would just like to know how to perform repairs right from your own home. This concept isn’t new and many people actually do this for a living. However, independent shops and franchise shops outnumber the number of mobile auto repair companies that are out there.

Consumers love mobile auto repair services because they don’t enjoy dropping their vehicle off at a shop and then trying to find a ride back from the shop. With that said, you’re probably wondering why more companies don’t offer mobile auto repair services. We will discuss a few challenges this industry faces, as well as tell you how it can still be successful.

It Is Not Easy

Sure, there’s a lot of technology out there, so it makes sense that mobile auto repair services would exist. However, repairing vehicles at a residence is not that easy. There are a lot of issues that mechanics can run into when providing this type of service. Some of these issues include the following:

1. Tools- Carrying around equipment and tools can be challenging. Having access to all the right tools is ideal. However, mobile mechanics cannot always carry heavy duty tools and equipment, such as engine hoists.

2. Location Matters- Clients may not be located in a good place. For example, a consumer may need their car fixed at an office park. The park may not allow repairs to be undertaken at the property.

3. Auto Parts- Getting the necessary parts can be stressful. Some jobs need multiple parts in order for repairs to be completed. This can be a major hurdle.

4. The Weather- Even the weather can pose a challenge. Poor weather conditions can make working outdoors miserable. Sometimes repairs won’t be able to be made due to the weather.

5. Trusting Your Mechanic– A few thoughts in particular come to mind when hiring a new mechanic for your business. Is the employee going to satisfy your customer in service and all around quality of the job done? Has he or she been ASE certified? How many years of experience does the employee have in the auto mechanics industry overall? These are some of the requirements you need to have in mind as the business owner to start and continue to run a successful mobile auto mechanic business.

There are other issues, such as insurance and safety issues. For example, as a mobile repair business, you could need a lot of insurance. Not only that, but you may not be safe working at some jobs, especially if you work alone.

Cost Issues

A lot of consumers believe that they shouldn’t pay extra fees for the convenience associated with mobile repairs. In fact, many people think this service should be cheaper. The truth is that there are various expenses involved with this type of business, so mobile mechanics do have some overhead.

A lot of people do think that mobile auto repair is good for small repair jobs. They also believe it can work for basic maintenance tasks, diagnostics and so forth. Jobs that are more complex and that require special tools should be handled at a shop.

This actually makes sense for small businesses and one-man operations because it is hard to turn a profit with larger jobs. Big jobs require more labor and larger pieces of equipment and specialty tools. Large businesses that have many resources should be able to provide all types of repairs and maintenance tasks on the road.

There’s a number of mobile auto repair companies that have disrupted the industry, mainly due to the tech they are using. Many companies are having success with the business model. It’s worth pointing out that they are succeeding with jobs of all sizes and they are offering transparent pricing.

About Mobile Mechanic Houston

The company Mobile Mechanic Houston provides their services to all of Houston and they are capable of providing over 500 services. When customers do business with the company, they can save as much as 30% on the repairs and maintenance their vehicles need. Best of all, customers can call and schedule an appointment seven days per week.

The company has a team of professionals that will take your call and book your appointment, and they can order necessary parts. This allows the team of mechanics to work on your car. You can rest assure their repair jobs will be of high quality.

Customers can enjoy the convenience of a mechanic coming to their home or work. The mechanics can often perform the same repairs that a shop can. This is because they can bring along jacks and other types of equipment to your location, and then they will fix your car as quickly as possible.

I spoke with Billy Williamson, co-founder and CEO of Mobile Mechanic Houston, on the subject of how this business came about as well as how, despite some huge challenges that in LinkedIn group conversations are mentioned, have been able to find success.

Williamson explained, “Initially our business model was not based off of mobile mechanics, it was more able pricing that was fair and transparent. We give at Mobile Mechanic Houston, the same fair price to everyone and upfront, for each service we show the cost of parts and labor so you are aware of exactly what is needed to fix your car.

It was later on that their business model was shifted to specifically focus on mobile auto repair…

Agrawal said, “To learn more one the industry, I started consulting with mechanics. It was my assumption that mechanics always worked out of shops that were brick-and-mortar because they required large bays and heavy-duty equipment, however when I saw that this was not the case, and that the vast majority of car maintenance and repair work can be done by mechanics with equipment that easily fits in the trunk of a car, the model made a quick change. Now the focus at Mobile Mechanic Houston is on mobile mechanics yet still delivering the fair price guarantee as always.”

Williamson added, “We have received customer response that is overwhelmingly positive – they are shocked at how simple it is to get their car serviced for routine maintenance and fixed. There are no hassles involved.”

With a chatbot that was recently launched to allow car owners to browse advice and tips from mechanics and book appointment, Mobile Mechanic Houston continues adding value to their business.

Located in Houston, Mobile Mechanic Houston is yet another great example of a mobile auto repair business that is successful due to not sticking to the business model of the typical brick-and-mortar locations. Mobile Mechanic Houston is not as expensive as you average garage or franchised dealer, their mechanics are evaluated to the highest standards of the industry, and they provide online booking that is efficient.

A tight ship is run by the co-founder of Mobile Mechanic Houston, Billy Williamson and his team, guaranteeing that only the highest quality of work provided which keeps their customers coming back. Williamson said, “When you are mobile and the work is conducted at the customer’s home, it is even more important that you are extremely professional and mindful of the location you are working at. Make sure that no mess is left behind, complete the work in a timely manner and make sure you keep the customer updated.”

With mechanics in more than one hundred towns and cities across Texas, who offer an ample array of services and repairs, Mobile Mechanics continues to grow.

What is Their Secret to Success?

Looking over the above mentioned examples, there are various features and benefits that have caused this business model to be successful:
• Pricing that is affordable and transparent.
• Good relationships with auto part wholesalers and vendors.
• Logistic and operations teams that manage parts ordering, bookings, etc.
• More availability that includes evenings and weekends.

As mentioned above, when it comes to mobile auto repair there are many challenges and limitations, especially for small businesses and lone rangers. The key features and benefits that have made Mobile Mechanic Houston successful are not possible to recreate without a team that is large enough.

As an alternative, independent mechanics could consider looking into working for one of these companies. The small percentage of revenue taken by these companies is worthwhile to avoid some of the headaches that are related to logistics and have caused many mechanics to be turned off.

Can we expect that in the near future more of these businesses will emerge? In an industry that’s rapidly changing, this is definitely not impossible. For the longest time, it wasn’t even an option to buy a vehicle completely online now however it is the buzz of the industry.