Things to Consider When Starting Your Mobile Auto Mechanic Business

The Mobile Auto Mechanic Business Model

Starting a mobile auto repair business is probably something you’ve considered. Maybe you would just like to know how to perform repairs right from your own home. This concept isn’t new and many people actually do this for a living. However, independent shops and franchise shops outnumber the number of mobile auto repair companies that are out there.

Consumers love mobile auto repair services because they don’t enjoy dropping their vehicle off at a shop and then trying to find a ride back from the shop. With that said, you’re probably wondering why more companies don’t offer mobile auto repair services. We will discuss a few challenges this industry faces, as well as tell you how it can still be successful.

It Is Not Easy

Sure, there’s a lot of technology out there, so it makes sense that mobile auto repair services would exist. However, repairing vehicles at a residence is not that easy. There are a lot of issues that mechanics can run into when providing this type of service. Some of these issues include the following:

1. Tools- Carrying around equipment and tools can be challenging. Having access to all the right tools is ideal. However, mobile mechanics cannot always carry heavy duty tools and equipment, such as engine hoists.

2. Location Matters- Clients may not be located in a good place. For example, a consumer may need their car fixed at an office park. The park may not allow repairs to be undertaken at the property.

3. Auto Parts- Getting the necessary parts can be stressful. Some jobs need multiple parts in order for repairs to be completed. This can be a major hurdle.

4. The Weather- Even the weather can pose a challenge. Poor weather conditions can make working outdoors miserable. Sometimes repairs won’t be able to be made due to the weather.

5. Trusting Your Mechanic– A few thoughts in particular come to mind when hiring a new mechanic for your business. Is the employee going to satisfy your customer in service and all around quality of the job done? Has he or she been ASE certified? How many years of experience does the employee have in the auto mechanics industry overall? These are some of the requirements you need to have in mind as the business owner to start and continue to run a successful mobile auto mechanic business.

There are other issues, such as insurance and safety issues. For example, as a mobile repair business, you could need a lot of insurance. Not only that, but you may not be safe working at some jobs, especially if you work alone.

Cost Issues

A lot of consumers believe that they shouldn’t pay extra fees for the convenience associated with mobile repairs. In fact, many people think this service should be cheaper. The truth is that there are various expenses involved with this type of business, so mobile mechanics do have some overhead.

A lot of people do think that mobile auto repair is good for small repair jobs. They also believe it can work for basic maintenance tasks, diagnostics and so forth. Jobs that are more complex and that require special tools should be handled at a shop.

This actually makes sense for small businesses and one-man operations because it is hard to turn a profit with larger jobs. Big jobs require more labor and larger pieces of equipment and specialty tools. Large businesses that have many resources should be able to provide all types of repairs and maintenance tasks on the road.

There’s a number of mobile auto repair companies that have disrupted the industry, mainly due to the tech they are using. Many companies are having success with the business model. It’s worth pointing out that they are succeeding with jobs of all sizes and they are offering transparent pricing.

About Mobile Mechanic Houston

The company Mobile Mechanic Houston provides their services to all of Houston and they are capable of providing over 500 services. When customers do business with the company, they can save as much as 30% on the repairs and maintenance their vehicles need. Best of all, customers can call and schedule an appointment seven days per week.

The company has a team of professionals that will take your call and book your appointment, and they can order necessary parts. This allows the team of mechanics to work on your car. You can rest assure their repair jobs will be of high quality.

Customers can enjoy the convenience of a mechanic coming to their home or work. The mechanics can often perform the same repairs that a shop can. This is because they can bring along jacks and other types of equipment to your location, and then they will fix your car as quickly as possible.

I spoke with Billy Williamson, co-founder and CEO of Mobile Mechanic Houston, on the subject of how this business came about as well as how, despite some huge challenges that in LinkedIn group conversations are mentioned, have been able to find success.

Williamson explained, “Initially our business model was not based off of mobile mechanics, it was more able pricing that was fair and transparent. We give at Mobile Mechanic Houston, the same fair price to everyone and upfront, for each service we show the cost of parts and labor so you are aware of exactly what is needed to fix your car.

It was later on that their business model was shifted to specifically focus on mobile auto repair…

Agrawal said, “To learn more one the industry, I started consulting with mechanics. It was my assumption that mechanics always worked out of shops that were brick-and-mortar because they required large bays and heavy-duty equipment, however when I saw that this was not the case, and that the vast majority of car maintenance and repair work can be done by mechanics with equipment that easily fits in the trunk of a car, the model made a quick change. Now the focus at Mobile Mechanic Houston is on mobile mechanics yet still delivering the fair price guarantee as always.”

Williamson added, “We have received customer response that is overwhelmingly positive – they are shocked at how simple it is to get their car serviced for routine maintenance and fixed. There are no hassles involved.”

With a chatbot that was recently launched to allow car owners to browse advice and tips from mechanics and book appointment, Mobile Mechanic Houston continues adding value to their business.

Located in Houston, Mobile Mechanic Houston is yet another great example of a mobile auto repair business that is successful due to not sticking to the business model of the typical brick-and-mortar locations. Mobile Mechanic Houston is not as expensive as you average garage or franchised dealer, their mechanics are evaluated to the highest standards of the industry, and they provide online booking that is efficient.

A tight ship is run by the co-founder of Mobile Mechanic Houston, Billy Williamson and his team, guaranteeing that only the highest quality of work provided which keeps their customers coming back. Williamson said, “When you are mobile and the work is conducted at the customer’s home, it is even more important that you are extremely professional and mindful of the location you are working at. Make sure that no mess is left behind, complete the work in a timely manner and make sure you keep the customer updated.”

With mechanics in more than one hundred towns and cities across Texas, who offer an ample array of services and repairs, Mobile Mechanics continues to grow.

What is Their Secret to Success?

Looking over the above mentioned examples, there are various features and benefits that have caused this business model to be successful:
• Pricing that is affordable and transparent.
• Good relationships with auto part wholesalers and vendors.
• Logistic and operations teams that manage parts ordering, bookings, etc.
• More availability that includes evenings and weekends.

As mentioned above, when it comes to mobile auto repair there are many challenges and limitations, especially for small businesses and lone rangers. The key features and benefits that have made Mobile Mechanic Houston successful are not possible to recreate without a team that is large enough.

As an alternative, independent mechanics could consider looking into working for one of these companies. The small percentage of revenue taken by these companies is worthwhile to avoid some of the headaches that are related to logistics and have caused many mechanics to be turned off.

Can we expect that in the near future more of these businesses will emerge? In an industry that’s rapidly changing, this is definitely not impossible. For the longest time, it wasn’t even an option to buy a vehicle completely online now however it is the buzz of the industry.

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