You Could Be Getting Charged A Pretty Penny For Auto Mechanic Services

How Much is Your Houston Automechanic Shop Overcharging You?

Most people are aware of the automotive industry’s reputation for overcharging customers for repair services. This does not mean that every repair shop is like this, but some are ruthless when it comes to charging customers for simple things. They sometimes do this by overcharging for parts that are used to repair the vehicle. How can you tell if your Houston auto mechanic shop is overcharging you?

Becoming Aware of an Overcharge Scam

Mobile Mechanic Houston | Mobile Auto RepairCould you be paying more for parts when you take your vehicle to be repaired at an auto shop? Maybe. If you think about it, mechanics should get their parts at a discount because they buy them in bulk. Most mechanics do buy parts with bulk discounts but they mark the parts up before they charge you on your invoice for repairs. This is not exactly a scam, but this common practice does seem unfair to consumers.

Many people are getting more informed about what auto parts cost and have taken to buying them themselves to save money. They can get them online at auto parts retailers to save money and then bring them to their mechanic or auto body technician to do the repairs. Doing this is one way consumers can avoid dealing with markups at repair shops.

Should you have to bother with this step when your existing auto technician probably gets these parts cheaper in the first place? Should you be able to get the low price from them anyway? You should and now you can.

How to Get Low Prices on All Parts and Repairs

Mobile Mechanic Houston has embraced this concept. It is now easier than ever for customers in Houston to get the lowest prices on parts for repairs without being overcharged a dime. We will show you what you are paying for your parts and what we paid for those parts. You will see that we charge you what we pay.

We do not want you to have to go through the extra step of finding your parts online or at an auto body supplier. We will get you the lowest price on any part and make sure that you save money on all of your repairs with us.

This is just the start of what we do. We are also a full repair shop and service that staffs highly-trained experts to handle all of your repairs. We care about you and have a transparency when it comes to disclosing all aspects of our service from getting you the best prices on your repairs to showing you what the process of your repairs will entail. We can even do fast repairs in our express lanes.

You get a lifetime warranty on most all of our parts and never have to pay more than you need to or want to on your auto repairs. See our honest, experienced staff at Mobile Mechanic Houston for great repair services at great repair prices.

Call us now or contact us here for immediate assistance or for more information!

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